Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Here at Nova Painting, our experience has taught us that people take great pride in there kitchens and your cabinets are the first thing people see when they enter your kitchen.  Painted kitchen cabinets have become a very popular remodeling option, as it gives your kitchen a whole new look without having to expend tens of thousands of dollars on new cabinets. If you’re interested in revamping your kitchen’s look call us today to discuss your options.

They Don’t Paint Cabinets Like We Do!


Why Choose Nova Painting

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  • KCMA Certified Coatings
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Smooth Spray Applied Factory Finish
  • More Durably Than Paint
  • Water Based Non-Yellowing Coatings
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What’s The Difference

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  • Soft Touch Factory Finish
  • Professional Cabinetry Coatings
  • Grain Minimizing Process
  • Endless Color and Sheen   Options
  • No Brush Marks
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Painted Cabinets

Ruppert Kitchen

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Painted Cabinets

Entzminger Kitchen


An Affordable But Effective Remodeling Solution

Let’s be clear on this: everyone likes the idea of getting something great at a lower cost. Nova Painting has created its services around this mindset, but without sacrificing the quality required to insure long lasting results. We provide a more affordable kitchen remodeling solution to meet our customers needs.  Our kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing system is designed to help your cabinets last longer by giving extra attention to details: from preparation to application and refinishing.





Should You Consider Cabinet Refinishing? Why?

We believe that you should definitely consider Cabinet Refinishing when looking for kitchen remodeling options. Let Nova Painting give you some reasons why we have determined that kitchen cabinet painting is a great remodeling idea:

  1. There are several refinishing styles you can choose.
  2. Is cheaper than other kitchen remodeling options.
  3. Is cheaper than  buying new cabinets
  4. Proper painting will help your cabinets last longer.
  5. It doesn’t take much time to be completed.
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